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Ancestral history of the bow-making companies WINKLER

 hulka-nuz-2.jpgIt all began in 1952 when he joined Jaroslav Winkler learning the production of musical instruments at the plant at Cremona Luby near Cheb. He studied with master Josef Vavra - violin, Ivan mats - guitar maker and Bohumil Pechar - master fiddlestick and learned music tool-maker.  After the apprenticeship was a master workshop in Cremona race.

     In 1979, he joined his son Vladimir Winkler in the same kindergarten as the father, Jaroslav, where then did Mr Oubrecht master and learned the bow-making.

hulka-hoblik2.jpg     In 1998 he started an apprenticeship to master Peter Hnilica representative third-generation musical toolmakers David Winkler to continue the family tradition - the production of high-quality bows. Any time spent by all family members in learning the family brought a lot of bow-making skills and experience, through which the company produces very good quality, which attracts the interest of customers.

         WINKLER company produces all strings for violins, violas, cellos and basses from school to masterwork products which are exported all over the world. Among the company's clients include such Teplice Philharmonic musicians or musicians in Singapore, where the company has major outlets.

Our company will also bow repaired.